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The Most Powerful nesting software to optimize progressive die nesting layout to improve material utilization and calculate costs

  • Drastic reduction of risk related to inaccurate material cost calculations; reduces supplier variation between estimate and actual costs from 25% to within 1-2%
  • Process 50 times more quotes than manual calculations
  • More accurate scrap estimates for material rebates
  • Provides optimized nesting layout for all possible processing layouts


  • Produces fully optimized nesting layouts for 1-up, 2-up, and mirrored progressive die configurations
  • Constrains progression, coil width, and blank rotation to ensure the layout is compatible with manufacturing equipment
  • Calculates accurate cost per blank based on supplied input data and material utilization
  • Material cost calculation considers variations in thickness and coil width
  • Detailed documentation system produces HTML format reports
  • User input for distance between blanks, distance to edge of coil, carrier allowance and carrier width