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Process Planner is a stamping Knowledge Based System for process planning and die cost estimation. The system processes parts made in progressive, transfer and tandem presses.

  • The knowledge based engine ‘translates’ the part geometry in so called Formed Features. The forming, flanging, trimming, piercing, restrike as well as other actions are assigned automatically to the formed features to define the process plan, and assigns, when required cam slides to actions
  • The system can be driven manually with a wealth of process query and editing tools.  The finalized process plan, before release, is validated for different processing criteria including tooling interference, load requirements, accessibility of actions, etc ...
  • The generic reporting functionality documents the process plan, the die cost, die load, die size and press requirements. The die costing system basic functionality includes widely accepted North American cost estimation methodologies
  • The report is highly customizable to interface with your company own or commercially available costing systems