Forming Suite 2015

We are  in the final stages of FormingSuite 2015


One of the main areas of development for this release was a complete overhaul to the incremental tools. The changes result in the following improvements:

1)      A new geometry environment provides the following:

a.       All geometry (blank, tools, binders, etc) are imported at the beginning of the project. This avoids re-importing during regeneration of the project. You can add additional geometry or change geometry at any time.

b.      Multiple files can be imported at the same time. Hold CTRL for multi-select in the file chooser.

c.       One file can contain multiple geometries (a full tool set for example)

2)      A new, more flexible setup environment:

a.       Process and tooling are now selected together (define an operation and assign the tools in one step)

b.      Either punch or die can be defined as “moving” (before it was only the punch)

c.       Pads and blankholders are now interchangeable (the user can determine if the tool moves towards the punch or the die). This will clear up the problem of tool direction and naming.

d.      You can apply different frictions to different operations

e.      Tooling workbench is eliminated (and we don’t need to apply a “support” geometry to each operation – only the tools)

f.        If you insert an operation, you don’t need to redo the subsequent setup. This supports an approach where you can run one operation, then add the next one to the project when you are happy with the first

g.       You can now have a final trim operation (don’t have to finish on the “final form”)

h.      You can control “timing” within an operation. For example, you can set the blankholder to complete its stroke before you start moving the punch. The blankholder is first, and the punch is second.

3)      The same templates, solving and post processing environment are used as before


We have also improved the blank mesh to reduce the number of triangles on the boundary. This results in faster solutions (sometimes 50% faster) without any loss in accuracy.


We are confident that our users will find this new version easier to use, faster to set up and more flexible than ever before. To ease the transition, the old setup methods from 2014 are still supported..