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The Most Trusted Tool to determine optimal material usage through geometric nesting of blanks

  • Drastic reduction of risk related to inaccurate material cost calculations; reduces supplier variation between estimate and actual costs from 25% to within 1-2%
  • Process 50 times more quotes than manual calculations
  • More accurate scrap estimates for material rebates
  • The cheapest layout, and hence cost, based on manufacturing constraints, as well as tooling costs


  • Best in Class user interface - for immediate productivity
  • Multiple input formats - IGES, DXF (lines and arcs only)
  • Flexible setup - Optional pitch, coil width, and blank angle constraints to match available equipment and product requirements
  • Multiple Nesting layouts - Fully optimized one up, two up, and standard blank shape nesting layouts
  • Multi-Part Nesting - Two different parts that are manufactured together
  • Cost analysis - Accurate blank cost is calculated, accounting for the tooling costs
  • Interactive results - Sort results in an interactive spread sheet by material utilization, coil width, pitch, rotation angle and translation, including related nesting preview
  • Exporting - The current nesting layout can be exported in IGES or DXF format for use in other applications
  • Reports - Detailed reports showing the nesting layout and calculated results can be printed